Patrick Corbin was not at his best against the American League’s best last night, surrendering a double by Miguel Cabrera to deep right, a Chris Davis single tipped in the air by Joey Votto’s glove, and a long sacrifice fly by Jose Bautista.  He did close out the inning quickly, getting a bouncer to short from David Ortiz for a tailor-made double play, but Corbin ended up taking the loss for the National League.

While he didn’t prevent Corbin from taking the loss, Paul Goldschmidt did save what would otherwise have been a lackluster All-Star Game for the Dbacks ASG contingent.  Long after Patrick Corbin exited the game, Goldy took his second at bat in the bottom of the ninth.  Joe Nathan closed the game in relief of Mariano Rivera and quickly struck out Matt Carpenter and Andrew McCutchen.  I don’t know if the National League holds kangaroo court at the All-Star Game, but if they did, it would be some serious egg on Arizona’s face to have its single hitter get the last out after its single pitcher gave up the first run and took the loss.

Fortunately for Diamondbacks fans, Goldy would have none of that.  On the first pitch, Goldy reached out and completely swatted a fastball from Nathan high and outside, dumping it deep to right.  I’m not sure whether that would have been scored a line drive or a fly ball if it were a regular season game – it might even have gone out of the park in stadiums less spacious than Citi Field.

Unfortunately for Diamondbacks fans, Goldy’s double did not make up the National League’s deficit, and the game ended with a Pedro Alvarez fly ball to short right field.  In the event that Arizona plays in the 2013 World Series, the Diamondbacks will not have home field advantage.  And as we know from 2001, when the home team won every game, home field can be really meaningful in the fall classic.

Other Notes: It could have been partly the odd Citi Field camera angle, but John Hirschbeck’s strike zone was almost absurdly generous in the first few innings on the third base side, but seemed to tighten up once Patrick Corbin took the mound. Some of Corbin’s balls compared favorably to Chris Sale strikes. … Max Scherzer looked even more like the One Who Got Away for Dbacks fans last night with a perfect inning in the first, especially in striking out Joey Votto looking. … Tim McCarver, who plans to retire from Fox after this season, was particularly fascinated with color, including the bright orange cleats worn by several All-Stars and Max Scherzer’s eyes. … Corbin, who did not lose a game in his first 16 starts for the Dbacks this season, is now 0-1 in All-Star Games. … Although he did give up two hits, Corbin’s stuff did cause 2012 Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera to lose the grip on his bat before doubling to right. … Rising Orioles star Manny Machado stole a single from Goldy in the seventh, ranging back and to the line before beating Goldy by a half step at first base.  Machado’s plant foot for the throw was on the grass – in foul territory. … Citi Field hosted Neil Diamond in a show of support for Boston following the recent terrorist attacks, and the broadcast caught a gleeful exchange between Goldschmidt and Corbin during “Sweet Caroline.” … Toward the beginning of the broadcast, we were entertained by Tom Seaver telling a story about his childhood imaginary friends, which was just awkward for everyone.

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