The 2013 minor league season is somewhat over for your Arizona Diamondbacks. I guess it’s 3/7 over, technically. If you’re not a fractions person (and frankly, who calls one’s self a “fractions person?”), that’s 42.8% complete, thanks to the South Bend Silver Hawks (A), Visalia Rawhide (A+) and Mobile BayBears (AA) who all have made the playoff and are still alive as of the morning of September 8th. We’re not going to see postseason baseball in Phoenix, but you can cheer on our minor league teams right now!

Speaking of minor league teams, I’d like to announce some upcoming features for Inside the ‘Zona. Coming up, there will be a recap for each minor league team’s season as well as season awards and a top prospect list for each team. Following this, of course, will be Inside the ‘Zona’s inaugural top 30 prospect list that you can expect either late this fall or early winter.

The Diamondbacks’ system is deep and intriguing and we’re excited to bring you a preview of the team’s future. Make sure to bookmark Inside the ‘Zona and follow us on twitter (@insidethezona and @outfieldgrass24) for the latest updates. If you have any comments or suggestions for the minor league wrap-ups or the site in general, be sure to drop us a comment! Thanks!

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