The biggest news in quite some time was Saturday’s deal with the Braves in which the Diamondbacks shipped away Bronson Arroyo‘s remaining dollars to the Atlanta Braves for infielder Phil Gosselin. Of course, to get Atlanta to swallow Arroyo’s money, the D-backs threw in 2014 top draft pick Touki Toussaint, which drew a ton of criticism across the baseball landscape. We issued our treatise on the deal on Monday, but a fruitful discussion was in order to clear the air and discuss the possibilities.

With the help of Mauricio Rubio of, who’s scouted Toussaint personally a number of times, the we talked about what Toussaint’s future holds, his development path and what his future value will be. Mauricio gives a ton of detail on Touki’s pitches, his development arc and when Toussaint should be expected in the majors. We collectively look forward as to what the team will do next with the savings on Arroyo and how all of that fits into the big picture of a contending Arizona Diamondbacks team.

Given Mauricio’s scouting background, the we also discussed several other top prospects, including Braden Shipley, Aaron Blair, Brandon Drury, Peter O’Brien, Yoan Lopez and others. We also discuss what the new top of Diamondbacks prospects look like, including how top 2015 draft picks Dansby Swanson and Alex Young fit into the mix. Don’t miss this one as Mauricio’s scouting background enriches a conversation about the depth and strategy of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

You can find Mauricio’s writing and scouting reports at, as well as his podcasts on prospects (Raw Projection) and fantasy baseball (TINO). You can follow Mauricio on twitter at @MRubio52.

2 Responses to The Touki Toussaint Trade Discussion w/ Special Guest Mauricio Rubio

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cant wait to listen. Pete obrien is the big disappointment, in that group so far because this spring he appeared to have an advanced approach. Meaning power ave, and patience, was hoping he would be putting goldy type numbers.

  2. Edward says:

    So Yoan López is essentially punchline-worthy. Damn. Well, only 3-4 more years to yet another administrative turnover. Maybe we will have a bonus pool then!

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