Yesterday I had a little fun on Twitter dot com. I decided to run off some very brief, nearly context-free stats. That seemed to resonate pretty well with people because stats are cool and good, plus you’re probably busy and doing things quickly can be a positive sometimes. So here’s an unstructured little check-in on the Diamondbacks. You can call them Ten Friday Fun Facts if you want. If you don’t want to call them that, it’s okay. I won’t be upset. Just keep in mind that all figures are counted through Wednesday’s game against St. Louis and came via FanGraphs.

  • Jake Lamb has the second-highest fWAR (1.0) of any position player with less than 85 PAs. The guy ahead of him is called Bryce Harper. There are some platoon biases at play here, but good is good.
  • Jean Segura has more stolen bases (3) than walks (2) through is first 100 ABs. Not a shock on either account, but something to consider long-term.
  • Welington Castillo leads catchers in wRC+ (135), home runs (6) and is tied for the league lead in steals by a catcher (1). Gotta love that one steal. It came off of left-handed reliever Tony Watson.
  •  The Diamondbacks’ rotation has been second-least valuable this year with a combined fWAR of -0.1 over 121.1 innings. That’s bad.
  • The Diamondbacks bullpen has been third-most valuable this year with a combined fWAR of 1.3 over 94.1 innings. That’s good, but the lack of dominance by the rotation is the key factor.
  • Zack Greinke has been the team’s most valuable starter (0.3 fWAR) in 2016, but he’s tied for 53rd-most valuable in baseball to date. It’s still early, but damn.
  • Paul Goldschmidt’s “slow start” to the season still has him with the 31st-best offensive output of any hitter in the majors and he’s currently producing offense at a rate 47% higher than average. Goldy is fine and will be fine because he’s Goldy.
  • In his ten innings of work, Tyler Wagner has been worth the third-most fWAR of any relief pitcher in baseball (0.4). Someone buy this guy a beer.
  • The Diamondbacks lead the majors in home runs hit (34) and are tied for eighth in home runs allowed (26). #DINGERZ.
  • D-backs pitchers have thrown 9.2 innings more than any other team and the bullpen has thrown 10 more innings than any other team. Rotation, rotation, rotation…

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  1. Puneet says:

    I heard the guy ahead of Jake Lamb is sometimes called Bruce Harper by fans. Also Royce Harper by his own manager.

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