The trade deadline is tomorrow. The Diamondbacks have been sellers since early June. No one is wondering where the Diamondbacks stand in this whole equation. Let’s just start by establishing who’s been traded:

And let’s just follow that up with a list of who we know is available:

And let’s just conclude this little exercise with who we know is not available:

So, yeah, there are still, presumably, some guys in play and presumably some teams with needs. How that all shakes out is yet to be seen, but if it’s going to shake out at all, well, it better start shakin’. To help the organization out, we thought we’d poll the Inside the ‘Zona staff and see which Diamondback they’d trade and why. They could only pick one player and no one was off limits. Take a look below to see who each player would trade and be sure to leave us a comment on your trade deadline thoughts.

Ryan says: trade Gerardo Parra

Rationale: this is going to seem like a bit of a reversal coming from me, but the guy I’d like to see Towers explore fits for is Gerardo Parra. Let me explain. Just before Parra’s scheduled arbitration hearing this February, I examined the team’s failure to sign Parra to an extension. Hey, we can’t hold it against one party if the other was being unreasonable. And we have no idea which party that was, or even whether the sides discussed an extension at all. We just know for sure that it’s not the case that 1) both parties wanted an extension, AND 2) both sides were pretty close on Parra’s value.

At this point, Towers looks good for not making that deal, with Parra’s new stance not making any real difference at the plate and Parra not having anywhere near the same kind of impact on defense that he had last year. If there was a deal out there to be made, it might already have happened last offseason. But maybe things have changed. Jerry Dipoto knows Parra, and could use him in a part time role as the Angels unexpectedly push in their chips for 2014. The Nats, Braves, Brewers and Giants could also find Parra useful.

It’s hard to figure out how both David Peralta and Parra can fit in an outfield with A.J. Pollock and Mark Trumbo, especially because they both hit from the left side — and if Parra’s at bats are limited at all, he should be sat against lefties. Moving Parra right now is not a deal to be done at any cost. But it seems like one that should be diligently explored.

Jeff W. says: trade Martin Prado

Rationale: no one Arizona is considering dealing will bring back more than Martin Prado. His versatility is an asset, but on a clogged roster such as Arizona’s, it’s effectively worthless. He’s played all but four 2014 games at third base and hasn’t seen an inning in the outfield all year. This roster isn’t utilizing his best asset very well, and when considering his lack of hard hit balls, he’s not someone that would be badly missed.

Didi Gregorius could fill in in the short term and Jake Lamb could even get a trial before the end of the season. Prado is likely worth one B-level prospect, and maybe another flier, without causing Arizona to eat much, if any, salary in the process. He’s the team’s best trade asset that they’re willing to move and he’s replaceable to boot, so this is a no-brainer for me.

There’s a host of teams who would presumably be interested in Prado, for 2014 and beyond. A bevy of AL East teams could use infield upgrades. Given his positional flexibility, he can fill in all over the place, thus opening up his potential trade market.

RG says: trade Aaron Hill

Rationale: this would primarily be a cost-cutting measure; he’s due $12 million in 2015 and 2016. Beyond saving money, the D-backs would be able to evaluate the quality of their assets. Hill’s departure would open up a spot for Didi Gregorius or Nick Ahmed. Gregorius seems to have improved his hitting, and the last third of the season would be crucial in determining how his development is progressing.

Multiple teams in the AL East seem to need a second basemen, but the key here is finding someone willing to take on most of his salary. If the Diamondbacks have to choose between obtaining prospects or freeing themselves of his salary, I suggest they choose the latter.

Jeff B. says: trade Martin Prado

Rationale: the D-backs have made it quite clear that they are reluctant to move Martin Prado. That doesn’t mean that he CAN’T be moved for the right price, however, as EVERYONE is available at the right price. I think it is worth finding out if a team like the Nats or Yankees or Red Sox are desperate enough for an extra infielder, if they prefer Prado to Hill, what they could fetch for him.

Obviously when you compare Hill to Prado, you should be able to find a better return on Prado. Two years age difference, but on the same relative contract. Hill’s value is down right now due to his 2014 performance. Oliver likes him to return to a 3+ win player over the remainder of his contract. Why sell low on Hill when there is still value there? And you can trade for better return with Prado. A lot of reporters will do their trade deadline piece and report that Prado is “unlikely” to be traded, which is true. But that doesn’t mean we should overlook the potential value of trading him for the right price.

As shown above, there are clearly a bevy of options facing the Diamondbacks, and in case you missed it, make sure to check out our other trade deadline-oriented work.

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6 Responses to If You Could Trade One Diamondback…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Marlins are talking to Dbacks about Miley according to Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald

  2. Paulnh says:

    I tend to agree with Jeff B that we should not trade Aaron Hill right now because we would have to sell low. I would hold onto him certainly until late August and hope a contending team came crawling to me looking for a second baseman.

    I’m kind of on the fence with Gerardo Parra. We would be selling low on him too, but I’m not sure that he is ever going to be good again. I really think Aaron Hill has a few good years ahead of him, but I’m not sure I can say that about Parra. He doesn’t need to be playing for us and taking ABs away from Peralta/Inciarte, but I don’t want to see him go either.

    The guy I would trade would be Prado. Just like Mr. Wiser said, his position flexibility is all but useless for us, he would yield us the biggest return, and we have people to take his spot. I would try to trade Martin as well as Oliver Perez. Some people are giving up a ton for relief pitching and Perez is a good left handed pitcher who could help a contending team. I would also try to shop Wade Miley, but that would not be at the top of my list.

  3. Bob Burnett says:

    Immediately fire Kevin Towers and good things will immediately happen

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would try to trade Cahill and 10 million to Padres for Casey Kelley.

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